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Master Alan Paterson

Head Instructor Master Alan Paterson (5th Technician) has many years’ experience in various martial arts, he started his journey with Judo at Yoshin Ryu under Sensei Errol Field at the tender age of 9 years old where he trained in the art of Judo over a period of 7 ½ years and represented Surrey in their schools squad. Under the guidance of Sensei Errol Sifu Alan Paterson also trained Jiu-jitsu for two years. Sifu Alan decided to take a short break from Martial Arts to concentrate on weight training before he found what he was truly looking for, Wing Chun Kung Fu. Growing up as a child in the 70’s Sifu Alan Paterson was inspired by Bruce Lee and the television show ‘Kung Fu’ starring David Carradine. He started his Wing Chun journey with Sifu Paul Hawkes learning Yip Man Wing Chun, the joining Grand Master Keith Kernspecht’s organisation, the EWTO, which was part of the Leung Ting Wing Tsun system in 1998.

As a student he in the EWTO he attended many seminars in the UK and abroad which included those held by Grand Master Keith Kernspecht the chief instructor of EWTO (Keel Germany and Lervenro Italy), Grand Master Leung Ting the chief instructor of IWTA, Master Hans Peter Aidle (Frankfurt Germany), plus Sifu Chrisu (Vienna, Austria). Sifu Alan Paterson was tested for 11 of the 12 student grades by Grand Master Kernspecht before achieving his 1st technicians’ grade (Black Belt) on the 11th May 2003 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent again tested by Grand Master Kernspecht. In 2006 Sifu Alan had the great pleasure of travelling to Hong Kong and training at Grand Master Leung Ting’s school and including private lessons with Great Master Cheng Chuen Fun. Sifu Alan received his 3rd Technicians grade from Grand Master Keith Kernspecht in Italy 2007.

After leaving the EWTO to form Schools of Kung Fu Sutton in 2007, Sifu Alan’s Journey continued under the guidance Grand Master Sergio Iadarola who is the Chief Instructor of the IWKA. Sifu Sergio is an inspiring figure and has such great passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu and Internal Martial Arts. Sifu Alan Paterson has had the great pleasure of many private lessons with Grand Master Sergio in London, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and in various locations around Hong Kong including Sifu Sergio’s school on Hong Kong Island. In May 2018, after a two week intensive training in Hong Kong with Sifu Sergio, Sifu Alan was awarded with his 5th technicians level of Master by Grand Master Sergio.Sifu Alan Paterson’s journey continues, under the watchful eye of Sifu Sergio, running one of the largest and most successful Martial Art Schools in the UK, which is open seven days a week with a core team of instructors under him.

Sifu Alan Paterson consults with Total Care Security in their close protection course for unarmed work, teaching and training people who are taking their close protection SIA badge Unarmed Defence with directors Chris Wheeler and Terry Cambridge.After being approached by Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) based at the London South Bank University Sifu Alan has had the privilege of meeting with the Chinese Ambassador and being an advisor to the Chinese Government for teaching and education methods for children, welcoming the Chinese Vice-Premier Madame Liu Yandong to the grand opening of the new home of the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, free Mandarin Classes for students plus cultural trips to China.

Sifu Alan Paterson believes in helping the community and with the help of his students at the Schools of Kung Fu and instructors has helped to raise a great deal of money for different charities which includes: £8’500 for Demelza Children’s Hospice, £7’500 for Kidscape anti bullying charity, over £25’000 The Peter Andre Foundation supporting Cancer Research UK, £4’500 for the Michael Palin Centre and Action for Stammering Children. We have also supported local schools such as Trinity, Royal Russell, De Stafford, Minster School, Purely Oaks, Harris Academy Kenley, Elmhurst, Old Palace Nursery, Stanley Park, St Andrews, Davidson Schools, Addington High, John Ruskin and many more. Sifu Alan also supports his students achieve their the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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