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Peter Andre's Involvement in the Schools of Kung Fu Sutton

Pop singer and television personality Peter Andre is not just an avid martial art student at the Schools of Kung Fu Sutton, he holds a share in the organisation’s franchise venture, and is a vocal spokesperson for the Schools’ unique brand of teaching self-defence.

“These guys do an amazing job,” he says of the organisation’s instructors, commending the Schools’ relaxed, friendly, yet professional learning environment. “What they teach is invaluable.”

big fan of the martial arts all his life, Peter practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu as a teenager back in Australia, but had to give up when his singing career took off. It wasn’t until 2009, when he visited the Schools of Kung Fu Sutton headquarters in Crawley to film part of his reality series Peter Andre: My Life, that his passion for the art was rekindled. Unfortunately, his busy schedule prevented him from committing to regular training, but he kept in touch with Schools of Kung Fu Sutton Chief Instructor Master Paul Hawkes, and they soon became firm friends.

Now Peter trains diligently as a private student under Master Hawkes, between his busy schedule when he is able to he will train up to five times a week, as he hopes to grade for his 1st Degree Black Belt sometime in the next year.

“Martial arts isn’t about learning how to fight,” explains the star, “it’s about equipping yourself with the knowledge and confidence to know how to avoid getting into fights.

“It’s also a great workout and lots of fun,” he adds.

And it seems his children have been bitten by the Kung Fu bug, too.

Both Princess and Junior are also students at the Schools of Kung Fu Sutton, with Junior hoping to achieve his Junior Black Belt in the coming year.

“It’s great for their discipline and confidence,” Peter says, explaining how he’s been thrilled by the kids’ improvements in behaviour and self-esteem since they started training.

Peter Andre and Schools of Kung Fu Sutton were featured in Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine with a six-page front and cover and pull out.

As a shareholder in the Schools of Kung Fu Sutton franchise, Peter is actively campaigning to help spread the teaching and learning of martial arts and self-defence nationwide.

“Kung Fu has changed my life,” he says.

Could it change yours?

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